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Lingerie Zone - When you've got it flaunt it. Why is great lingerie is so hard to get hold of?
Extreme Body Art - Your body doesn't have an endless amount of skin to colour in. Skin space is precious so before going under the needle you need to plan your designs wisely.  
Lettering - There are so many out there, it's essential to choose the right one for you. Making the choice.
Aftercare - Needle aftercare. The first few days after getting inked are the most vital. Tattoo aftercare taken from the horses mouth of some of the best tattooists in the UK.
Piercing Aftercare - There are as many different stories out there as there are piercings. Not only that, it does seem even some of the piercing shops change their aftercare instructions every time you go there. We've dug out some of the most tried and tested methods of aftercare and separated them to each area of the body that has the piercing. Different body areas are going to need their own way or healing, so the methods differ also.
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